Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chicago Pizza Guy Creates Social Media ‘Domino’ Effect

#SMMUCLA  Student's want to know how to handle negative comments.  @RamonWOW, formerly with Domino's Pizza, tells us how on Social Media Examinar

Take-Out from Domino’s Pizza’s Ramon DeLeon

1. Be ready at all times.
An opportunity to “wow” can arise anytime. Carry the tools you need—and spare batteries.
2. Do the unexpected.
Going beyond inspires people to share.
3. “Put social media fires out with social media water.”
Counter negative online comments online, with something unexpected.
4. Thank customers creatively.
A creative thank-you goes a long way, especially if it’s sharable like video.

When it comes to social media, it takes a lot to impress Amy Korin.
Her resume includes digital strategy for global companies like Procter & Gamble, General Motors, Sun Microsystems and Zappos.
But her local Domino’s Pizza joint left her “completely shocked.”
On a rainy Sunday night, her Domino’s Pizza order took an hour to arrive and then was the wrong pizza. She turned to Twitter to vent: “hardly any room for human error, but still a mistake.”
What followed went way beyond the mea culpa tweet increasingly more common in business today.
Ramon DeLeon, managing partner of seven Chicago-area Domino’s stores, saw the tweet and contacted her immediately.
The correct pizza was already on its way. But “he insisted that he would make it up to me, and WOW me.  He certainly did just that!” Korin says.  READ THE REST HERE


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