Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Facebook & Twitter: A Daily Checklist for Community Managers

To give you a jump start (or redux) on your Facebook and Twitter marketing, I’ve mapped out a checklist of 10 items for each that you should be doing daily. These tasks will help you engage more and reward yourself with more engagement from your fans and followers:
1. Post at least one relevant status update.
2. Respond to any comments.  Want engagement? Engage.
3. Share 3 interesting status updates you find.
4. Like or Comment on at least 7 status updates or messages.
5. Leave a comment on another Page whose audience is your audience.
6. Running Facebook Ads? Review stats twice daily.
7. Locate 3 relevant pieces of content your audience would like and schedule it.
8. Review Facebook Insights. Look for trends and emulate them.
9. Ask one thought-provoking question.
10. Listen for and respond to every lead immediately.

1.  Follow at least 20 people.
2.  Follow back at least 10 people.
3.  Reply to at least 5 people’s posts/messages.
4.  Tweet at least 3 relevant posts you’ve curated (including your blog posts).
5.  Tweet no more than 1 dealership-related Tweet every 2 days.
6.  Recommend 1 person you admire on Twitter.
7.  Re-Tweet 7 tweets you find relevant for your audience.
8.  Converse: 10 minutes of polite 2-way chit-chat goes far.
9. Thank anyone who Re-Tweets or Mentions you.
10. Unfollow everyone that’s inactive.

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