Friday, April 20, 2012

How To Use The @ Symbol On Twitter

...Ready? Here goes ...

When you @ someone, the only people who see the message are the people that follow you and follow the person you are @-ing. 

So, if we write, "@thestalwart you are one smart dude!" The followers who don't follow @thestalwart don't see the message.

Why? Because if they saw us tweeting at people it would be a confusing one-sided conversation. If they follow both of us, then they can follow the conversation.

Now, let's say we want everyone to see the message we are sending to @thestalwart. How do we make that happen? With a "." So, it would be, ".@thestalwart You're a genius!"

You don't have to use a period. You could use any character. You could write, ">@thestalwart you rock!"
The period seems to be the most popular one, though.

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