Tuesday, April 5, 2011

From @CorporateBlogs - Digital Marketing Is A Journey

In this week's class we'll be discussing BLOGS - both corporate and personal.  Please check out ALLTOP Corporate Blogs and click through some of the links to gain some perspective on how big brands manage their corporate communications via blogs.  We'll have a discussion in class, so be prepared to add to the conversation.

I found this post today via my Twitter feed - I follow @CorporateBlogs and they tweeted this link today- thought it was appropriate!
If your company has not (fully) embraced the web yet and decided to do so today, it isn’t as simple as flicking a switch. Nor should it be. Digital marketing is a journey, one in which both team members and organizations should embark on rather than simply taking a “check the box” mentality.

Rushing is a mistake, sets the wrong expectations
It is naive of any consultant, agency or client-side marketer to think you can simply throw money at digital marketing and achieve success. Just the opposite, it’s not really about your pocketbook. It’s actually more about philosophy, devotion of time and, well, passion. All balanced with a culture of analytics and holistic thinking. And an embrace and comprehension of intersections. Not all of those things happen all at once. In any organization.

But we need something social, now
No, you don’t. Relax. You’re not first. Not even close. In fact you’re late, and that’s okay. 

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