Monday, April 4, 2011

Most Fortune 50 Brands Still Hiding Their Social Media

AdAge is a solid resource for good, up-to-date information on all things digital media.  Clearly, companies are still figuring it all out - and they'll need people like you who are taking the #SMMUCLA Class this semester!

Looking for Facebook or Twitter Icons on Corporate Websites? Keep Looking

By: B.L. Ochman

Surely, as we head into the second quarter, the Fortune 50 -- if not all big companies -- are now at least involved in social media and want us to find them everywhere they have an online presence.  

Nuh-uh! Only 44% of the Fortune 50 have any social media icons on their home pages, and 60% hide their Twitter streams. Call Inspector Clouseau if you want to find the rest. Kind of amazing considering the prevalence of social buttons of all types all over the web.  Read the rest here

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