Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gravity Summit is Tomorrow 2-22 at UCLA!

We have an amazing day planned for attendees - a virtual brain trust of the top brands and minds in the industry.   In addition, the attendees are outstanding - decision makers from all types of businesses across Southern California - financial services, entertainment, healthcare, music, high-tech, non-profits, municipalities, and entrepreneurs.
We’ve had a couple of cancellations so register here if you can join us.  Here is the Agenda:
8:00 AM — Registration - Prepare for the day (please be on time)
Join us for a scrumptious breakfast and lots of networking.
9:00 AM — Welcome and Opening Remarks - Beverly Macy, CEO Gravity Summit, Instructor, UCLA Extension
Beverly’s opening remarks will set the stage the stage for a full ‘immersive’ learning day. Learn how the Summits’ best-in-class speakers; the Excellence in Social Media Awards program; and the afternoon Breakout Sessions will help you and your business understand where social media fits in your marketing strategies.
She will then introduce the core concepts of social media and Examine where social media is heading. Beverly teaches Social Media Marketing at UCLA and works with Fortune 100 clients to understand how social media can enhance traditional marketing strategies. She will briefly discuss the learning components of the day by providing an overview of the social media landscape, including Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and real time marketing as it stands today.

9:20 AM —- AM KEYNOTE - Eastman Kodak Company, Jeffrey Hayzlett – CMO and VP

Jeff Hayzlett is an exciting and inspiring speaker and one of the few businessmen from Corporate America who has really and fully embraced the social media as a way to create a conversation and at the same time promote the Kodak brand. Find out how social media is a key part of Kodak’s strategy to improve their brand and drive revenue for the company.
Kodak has embraced the new platform, even making headlines with both controversial and ground-breaking social media ventures. Hayzlett has not only combated competitors via Twitter, but he also ran an unprecedented campaign to rename Kodak’s Zi8 – praised for its performance, criticized for its name – in which followers were asked to suggest an alternate name for the product. The winning suggestion replaced Zi8 and the winner was sent to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

9:50 AM – USA – Brian Dresher, Acquisition Marketing Manager

“Tips for Engaging Audience and Staff in Social Media”
Brian is part of USA Today’s online marketing team and is responsible for customer acquisition initiatives which include content distribution, partnerships, RSS, widgets, podcasts, video, instant messaging, and social networking. Learn how brings in new users and increases traffic on the site as well as how Brian has helped’s brand awareness, user engagement, and traffic. This practical session will help you learn tips and tactics to be productive with these tools.
10:10 AM- TurboTax, Scott Gulbransen, Director, Corporate Communications
“How TurboTax Reinvented Tax Day with Social Media”
Think your industry is “too highly regulated for social media”? Learn how Intuit’s TurboTax has reinvented a cumbersome process by using Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace to help the brand stand out as a software tax solution AND reinvent many American’s experience of the tax day in the process. Also hear how TurboTax is cascading the ‘social media’ message throughout the enterprise. TurboTax has been pioneering in their use of the web for several years now, using crowdsourcing to let people answer one another’s questions at every step of the tax process.
10:30 AM - Networking Break

10:50 – MAZDA / REBEL INDUSTRIES – David Harris, Group Manager Digital and Alternative, NA and Josh Levine, CEO, Rebel Industries

“Connecting with Targeted Customers via Social Media”
Rebel Industries is a unique consortium of market-savvy, culturally-driven, connected individuals who reflect a fundamental shift in the way brands connect with consumers. Rebel develops and implements marketing programs that enable brands to contribute to — and become part of niche communities and consumer conversations. Learn how veteran digital marketer David Harris (formerly from Suzuki) is guiding Mazda into Social Media and effectively bringing Mazda to closer communications with its key demographics
11:10 – CITIZEN NET, Dan Benyamin, CEO and UCLA alumni
“How the Social Experience Affects Brand Awareness”
What are ‘real time’ social streams and how can your company use them to increase brand awareness? Learn first-hand from Citizen Net’s CEO Dan Benyamin, how real-time displays of social media activity, specific to a product, topic, or brand, are giving companies social analytic tools to understand how people communicate with each other and with the brands they love.
11:30 – Awards Program “Excellence in Social Media Marketing”
Hosts: Rodney Rumford and Beverly Macy, Co-Founders of Gravity Summit, Van Anderson, Program Director, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, International Trade & Commerce, UCLA Extension
Gravity Summit, helmed as the ‘gold standard’ of social media marketing events, is pleased to announce the recipients of the event’s first Excellence in Social Media Marketing awards. These awards were created to recognize the superior understanding and use of social media marketing tools by well known brands, businesses and individuals.

1. Excellence in Social Media Marketing in Business to Eastman Kodak

Eastman Kodak Company is recognized for the company’s vision and outstanding achievements in using social media to connect and engage with consumers and grow its brand in the 21st Century. Kodak recently leveraged social media to crowdsource the name of its newest pocket video camera. Kodak also produced a Social Media Tips Booklet sharing key learnings and best practices to help businesses develop an effective social media plan. The booklet is available at Accepting the award on behalf of Kodak will be Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Kodak.
2. Excellence in Social Media Marketing in Entertainment to Felicia Day
Co-presented by the UCLA Extension Business and Management Department, this award is being presented to Actress, Internet and Twitter star Felicia Day, who has achieved phenomenal success in digital, interactive and social media. Her web series, “The Guild” has achieved over 25 million total views and she has over 1.7 million followers on Twitter. Her video, “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” has over 7 million views and sales of the MP3 reached #1 on iTunes and Amazon.

3. Excellence in Social Media Marketing in Social Good to Domino Foods

In 2009, Domino embarked on the company’s first social media campaign to talk to consumers about the Great American Bake Sale, a national campaign that mobilizes Americans to end childhood hunger by hosting bake sales in their community. . The social media campaign with agency DEI Worldwide included word of mouth/conversational marketing, Facebook and Twitter strategies and contributed to over 2,000 bake sales being held across the country and over $1.2 million dollars being raised.
12:15 – Networking Lunch – Please visit vendor tables in the Promenade
1:15 – BREAKOUT SESSIONS – Choose One
•    Music, Entertainment, Sports - How to Use Social Media to Engage Passionate Fans
Sponsored by the LA Clippers and Moderated by Nic Adler, Owner of The Roxy Theater on Sunset.  Panelists include Larry Weintraub, CEO of Fanscape; Jeff Eldersveld of the LA Clippers; Valerie Michaels, CityPublicity/Action Sports; Alf LaMont, The Comedy Store, Asya Shein, Fusicology.  Join them; for a frank and revealing discussion on how social media is affecting and enhancing the music, entertainment, and sports businesses industries.
•       Social Media Meets Social Good: Cause Marketing Case Studies and Strategies. Moderated by Emmy nominated TV and Web Personality, Shira Lazar. This panel of experts will educate both corporate and nonprofit attendees on building an audience using social media, and about the intersection of social media and social good. Panelists: Barb Dybwab, Senior Editor at MASHABLE; Judy Chang, PayPal’s Principal Product Manager for Nonprofits; Chris Noble, CEO of Causemedia Group; Meaghan Edelstein, Founder of Spirit Jump.

•    “Getting Started” – Now What? How Do I Get Started and What Social Media Tools Do I Use?

Sponsored and Moderated by Alon Waisman of; Serena Ehrlich, Blaze PR; Lauren Kozak, Britney Spear’s Social Media Manager; Neal Schaffer, Author and Principal of Windmill Networking
This session is perfectly designed for those attendees who want to know How Do I Get Started? Serena is a social media campaign strategy expert; Lauren is Britney Spear’s Social Media Director and an expert on ‘the basics’; and Neal is a LinkedIn guru. Together, they will ‘break it all down’ and answer as many questions you may have on what do when you get back to the office tomorrow.
2:30 PM – Networking Break

2:45 PM – PM KEYNOTE, DOMINO’S PIZZA, Ramon De Leon, COO, Chicago Franchise

“How to Engage Your Customers in a Non-Stop Conversation About Your Brand”
Ramon is one of the most dynamic speakers in social media today. His enthusiasm and knowledge of using social media to engage with customers is insightful and inspirational. Ramon has been called a “word-of-mouth SUPER GENIUS” and will present his case study on identifying where your customers are; discuss how powerful video can be for your brand; what it takes to “take the plunge”. Ramon is becoming a favorite on the ‘social media speaking circuit’ and got his start at Gravity Summit! You don’t want to miss this!
3:10 PM - Visible Technologies, Blake Cahill, VP Sales
“Listening to your Customer”
Sometimes instead of talking it pays to step back and listen to what’s going on in your business and industry, especially when you work in the consumer listening space.  Blake will talk about the importance of listening and turning that information into business results with high impact.

3:30 PM- Satellite Marketing, Kevin Popovic, Author

“Using Social Media For Sales, Marketing, and Branding”
This session continues the conversation on how business leaders and marketing professionals are broadening their perspectives on the new medium and its application for business. Using a case study on Satellite Marketing, Kevin will answer questions on the minds of all decision makers: How much do we invest in social media? How do we repurpose our business content for our Facebook and Twitter presence
3:50 PM – Markyr Media, Founders Kyra Reed
Bringing It All Together”
This session puts the cap on the day by helping you think strategically about the tasks you’re facing related to social media. Whether you’re already down the social media path, or just getting started, when you get back to the office tomorrow, you want to know what to do next. Markyr Media is the ‘brains’ behind The Roxy on Sunset success. Kyra and Marjorie and Facebook EXPERTS and will help pull all the information of the day together. Whether you are a big brand or a small business owner, you are interested in promoting your product affordably and effectively. This session will help you think strategically about the tasks you’re facing back in the office tomorrow:
4:10 PM – Closing Remarks
Thank you to our Speakers and to the Gravity Summit Attendees!
4:30 PM - Adjourn
6:30 PM – FREE JOIN US AT THE TWEETUP /Cocktail Party at the Roxy Theatre on Sunset
Sponsored by Mazda - 9009 West Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069


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