Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Giant Super Bowl Ad Table

Gomez is a division of Compuware that does website performance measurement for businesses. Like me, they like to hammer the point that a slow site loses a lot of business. In fact, 78 percent of consumers surveyed told Gomez they have switched to a competitor’s site because the site they wanted was too slow.
With that in mind, this past Sunday Gomez studied the websites of every company with a Super Bowl ad as their commercials ran. The company’s resulting rankings are a composite of four stats: USA Today’s Admeter popular ranking, TIME magazine’s expert ranking, plus two Gomez website rankings, response time and availability.
Snickers and HomeAway aced the test, helped by high USA Today scores and fast website response times. The Hyundai Sonata ad that compared the car to sonatas by Mozart and Schubert finished last, due to low scores from USA Today and Time for its creativity, plus mediocre site performance. Doritos’ website was the straggler on performance, taking nearly 5 seconds to respond in browser tests. Back button!
Click the table image for the full-size 1650 x 1836 pixel version. Or you can browse the listings on Gomez’ wesbite.

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Mark Harmel said...

The Hyundai Sonata ad was on my list of favorites. It wasn't flashy, but it had an effective message of quality. I ranked it up with the other simple ad that Google ran.

I suspect that many viewers rank on entertainment value. Perhaps it was a good ad played at the wrong time?