Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Twitter and Healthcare: Tech Medicine Links

Here's a great post about Twitter and healthcare. I've mentioned in class that corporate use of social media tools needs to be grounded in marketing and messaging basics. Here's some good information about Twitter and Healthcare. Go to the link to see the whole post.

Some of the early healthcare adopters of Twitter? I've interacted with
MD Anderson and the American Lung Association on Twitter. You can also find the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross, with a big following of over 3,200!

From emrupdate:

Does Healthcare need Twitter? Well Twitter can sure use some additional healthcare folks. When I began using Twitter I didn’t give it much thought and actually didn’t know what the real purpose was of letting others know where you are or simply typing in an update.

Well enter RSS feeds and Twitter took on a whole new look, Micro Blogging! All my blog posts go in to Twitter and I also used FriendFeed, and all the Twitter comments are shown in the FriendFeed wall, so you really get more coverage for your blog. Also, subscribing to and reading other blogs is a cinch as well. The next part is the ability to interact. If you are familiar with instant messaging, you will understand, except all your comments are out there for everyone who follows you to see, except if you send a private message. Most conversations that I have seen are public. When you watch the slide show below you will see all the major cancer centers set up and using Twitter for a simple example.

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