Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to Sell Twitter to a Client (Or Even Your Own Boss)

I'm a big fan of Danny Brown and his Social Media PR blog. I just read this post that captures many of the things we've discussed in class - how to convince a client or boss to use social media tools, in this case Twitter.

Think about it for just a moment - your client or your boss’s success has probably had a lot to do with business relationships built up over the years. Additionally, being aware of the business market around their industry will also have played a large part in their success. And you can be pretty sure that both these reasons are continuously worked on and monitored to sustain that success. Now think of why Twitter is so beneficial to you.

Are you building relationships with great contacts? Are you keeping abreast of the latest news in the industry because people are talking about it in their Twitter stream? Are you finding content and advice that helps you grow both personally and professionally because of the information you’re a part of through your Twitter contacts and the information from their contacts?

I’d hazard a guess that the answer to all of these questions is a fairly comprehensive “Yes.” So why should it be any different for your client, boss or anyone else you’re trying to extol the virtues of Twitter to?

The next time you want to get your client involved in Twitter, or your boss dismisses it as nothing more than a fad for people having banal conversations, ask them a couple of simple questions:

  • How do the majority of your customers find you?
  • How do they then communicate with you?

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