Monday, December 8, 2008

Social Media Versus Traditional Media: Brand Impact Analysis

This article from ProNet Advertising is a perfect lead in to this week's class. We'll be talking about how to integrate social media into traditional Marketing Plans.

A study from Immediate Future calculates social media rankings for different brands by comparing each brand's "share of voice ranking". This ranking is determined by how successfuly the brand (or the company) has embraced various different social media or how social media has embraced the brand. The different categories used are the Blogosphere, YouTube as a measure of popularity in online video, MySpace and Bebo as measures of popularity on social networking sites, Photobucket and Flickr as measures of popularity on online photography based networks, and Digg, Ma.gnolia, and as measures of popularity on social bookmarking and socially driven news and content sites.

The results of accumulating mentions of each of the top 25 brands in these different kinds of media are displayed in the graph below in descending order.


Furthermore, chart below compares each brand's ranking using the "share of voice" (or mention in social media) method with Interbrand Top 100 global brands ranking which bases its ranking on each company's prospects for shareholders.


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