Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Job Seekers - Ten Things You Need to Know about Social Networking

We talked about some of these items in class...and we discussed how your profiles are looked at by potential employers. Be cognizant of your 'digital DNA'. It follows you and leaves a record of everything you do. Do you have anything to add to this list?

So job seekers, here is a list of the top ten things you need to know about social networking:

1. Are you on any social networks? LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, just to name a few. If you aren’t, get a profile and start building your network.

2. You are what you write! If you’ve got some posts that do not hold you in the most favorable of light, get rid of them. If friends have shared funny pictures of that night out on the town, ask them to consider taking it down.

3. Guess what, your friends aren’t the only ones who can see your content on your profile! Many make the mistake of thinking that when they post content or pictures online, that only their friends in their network can see it. This may not be the case. Double check all of your privacy settings on your profile.

4. Have you Googled yourself lately? Do a quick search on your name (full, maiden, partial) to see what is out there.

5. Your online user names, are they professional? This can include email, profile IDs, or just about anything electronically related. Hot2trot probably is not a good idea! Keep it clean.

6. Do you have a blog? This is a great way to establish your professional credentials. Focus on your passion and post content that truly reflects your knowledge and experience.

7. Have you expanded your existing network? Reach out to new people. Ask your current connections to facilitate introductions. If someone posts a blog or comment you like, take a chance and reach out to them. You’d be surprised at the relationships you can establish.

8. Ask for endorsements. On several social networking platforms, you can ask for recommendations or have folks post favorable comments that can be attached to your profile. Ask your connections for viable endorsements that helps establish your professionalism.

9. Just because a company may not have a position posted on a job board, it doesn’t mean the door is completely closed. Use your network to do some recon. Find the person you need to speak to about the company and obtain info you can’t find on a website or annual report. Your resourcefulness can be a great asset on a first impression.

10. Always nurture your network, not just in tough times. Put the offer out there to help others. Post a discussion on some useful information, answer a question on your social network, or simply send a note to say hello. Networks take time to build and strengthen. Do your best to give this important resource the attention it deserves.

It’s no question we are in the midst of hard times. Let’s help each other out. Leave a comment with your tips on using social networking in the job hunt. You never know what may come of it!


Ethan Bauley said...


the top web-focused investor in the America solicits job applications through blog comments.


any questions?

Ethan Bauley said...

in case that link didn't work:

here it is

Ethan Bauley said...

just double checked that blog entry...

they deleted the comments...but after they posted it, it was simply a list of about 300 super-qualified Wharton MBA technologist M&A guru overachievers'...BLOGS.

How is this different from the status quo?

Worth considering...