Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Great Class!

Karl and I are humbled by the kudos we've received for this semester's class. We worked very hard to be relevant to the business people in the class and to provide speakers who could provide insight in to the "real world" of Social Media Marketing. Below is just one of the comments we received from a student.

Good morning Beverly and Karl,

I just wanted to thank you for the great job of teaching the course material. Personally, the course material has such a practical application for me at work that I have been having meetings with the marketing staff regularly to possibly incorporate the promotion into the existing marketing strategy. This class is one of the most engaging subjects I've studied through the UCLA Extension program. Being in the medical device industry, it will be an interesting and worthwhile challenge to learn all that we can to use current SMM tools and still be within compliance with the FDA and all appropriate regulating bodies.

May I share the class blog with our marketing team here at work? I think the content would be very useful to them.

Again, thank you for doing such an amazing job in class. The speakers and the discussions were very, very helpful and informative. I will certainly start "twittering" and will make sure to keep in touch!

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