Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Welcome to #SMMUCLA Spring 2014 Class!

Welcome to the class and congratulations!  By signing up for this course, you will be ahead of many of your colleagues in the marketplace today.  Social media (including digital and mobile) is one of the THE hottest topics today.  

As the market matures, social is now part of most businesses in some form or another.  And if it's not part of their business directly, their competitors are using it.  

This class if fast-paced, challenging, and FUN.  We bring in guest speakers and others to help round out your learning experience.  The HOW-TO in this class is done by YOU - you will create a blog, keep up your Twitter account, update your LinkedIn, and learn how top brands are using Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Vine, YouTube and more to connect and engage with their customers.

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