Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Big Brands Lag on YouTube

Asked why brands don’t have a larger presence on YouTube, Alison Provost, CEO of Touchstorm, said they’re failing at two basic tasks: creating content suitable for YouTube and marketing that content correctly. In the area of content creation, “Ironically that means not over-thinking it. They shouldn’t be looking at some miraculous content strategy that is overarching and takes agencies a year and a half to develop.” Rather, brands should take their cues from other publishers in their category and join the dialogue: “For example it’s not talking about your diaper brand on YouTube, it’s engaging in the conversation about pregnancy and parenting.”

Provost went on: “Watch any good brand. With Kraft for example, it’s an expert coming to you from the Kraft kitchens with recipes and tips. Then they publish a list of ingredients, but it’s not necessary for Kraft to tell you ‘we’re the cheesiest.’” Summing up an effective content strategy, Provost said: “It’s not your job to persuade through this medium -- it’s to be there, and then you accrue loyalty by being there and being helpful.”

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