Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Top B2B Firms Gaining 230% More Leads via Social Media Than Peers

Social Media is very popular in the B2C arena.  B2B has been more of a challenge.  Here's a good article from the highly reputable MarketingProfs website addressing using social media for lead generation in the B2B space.

In the new report, titled "B2B Social Meeting Marketing: Are We There Yet," Aberdeen uses four key performance criteria to distinguish the Best-in-Class (top 20% of aggregate performers) from the Industry Average (middle 50%) and Laggard (bottom 30%) organizations.
The top 20% of companies (i.e., Best-in-Class) have achieved the following performance metrics:
  1. Average annual company revenue growth of 20%, compared with 8% for Industry Average and -3% for Laggard firms.
  2. 10% average year-over-year improvement of marketing leads resulting in closed business, compared with 3% for the Industry Average and -1% for Laggard firms.
  3. 44% of sales-forecasted pipeline generated by marketing, compared with 10% for Industry Average and 5% for Laggard firms.
  4. 73% annual customer retention rate, compared with 27% for Industry Average and 7% for Laggard firms.
Overall, 84% of all surveyed B2B companies are using social marketing in some form.

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kathleen blurock said...

These B2B customer retention results are stunning. Let's learn all we can about social media.
Kathleen Blurock