Monday, July 11, 2011

Facebook Commerce: Privacy Big Hurdle To Success

Privacy and security are early themes in this semester's class.  Our guest speaker, Karl Kasca, will present on this tomorrow.  Here's a MediaPost article about these concerns as a barrier to adoption:

How is the rise of Facebook commerce, whereby retailers sell directly on the social network, affecting the online and retail ecosystems? Maybe not as much as you think, according to a new trend report from WPP's JWT.  
Why isn't the success of F-Commerce guaranteed? 

For one, privacy concerns appear to a big hurdle for Facebook commerce. Nearly eight in 10 American and British adults expressed worries about the privacy implications of shopping directly on Facebook.  Read the rest here

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kuan said...

Facebook is a great opportunity for small businesses looking for an environment that will allow their customers to shop as well as interact and engage with both the business and other customers.

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