Monday, June 6, 2011

Social Influence in Real-Time

Celebrities on Twitter. Reviews are the new advertising. Social CRM.
These are the topics du jour for most expert marketers these days. But isn't a celebrity on Twitter just like the old-fashioned 'spokesperson'? Do reviews really count, or are companies just flooding Yelp with 'good' reviews of their own brand to ward off the negative comments? And what is Social CRM anyway? These days, CRM systems aren't even connected to marketing, so how does that work?

And what about the elusive and somewhat mis-understood role of social influencer? Defining what that means, where they are, and how to engage these new arbiters of cool opens up a whole new playing field.

These are top-of-mind questions in most corporations I consult with these days. The ensuing conversations are robust and lively because senior executives are slowly realizing that these issues affect the entire enterprise. And learning to think about them anew, through the impact of real-time social channels, is challenging for most companies.

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