Thursday, March 31, 2011

Attn Newbies! Quick Twitter Tips: A Twitter Guide For Beginners

What a FANTASTIC class we have - so much energy and skill!  Karl and I are very pumped.  So, jumping ahead a bit, I saw this article on Twitter Guide for Beginners and thought it might be useful to some of you who are new to Twitter.  Those who already use Twitter - would love your comments as well.  Thanks!

Twitter can be an intimidating jumble of # symbols, RTs, DMs, @'s, and other code-like shorthand to a Twitter newbie.
To help get the hang of it, we've put together a Twitter guide for Twitter beginners with nine tips for how to communicate on Twitter, make sense of it, and make the most of it.
Tricks and tips aside, some users suggest the best thing a new tweeter can do is just start sharing. "Just jump in and start engaging (for lack of better cliche word) - and not just with people you know," suggested @Agrinavich. @BrunuM suggested Twitter newbies should just "tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet and tweet."
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The use of hashtags has also evolved. Today they’re primarily used as a means to index tweets related to a specific topic.

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