Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tips for Twitter Marketing

Check out Chuck Goetschel's blog for a great video on Twitter for Business.  It covers:
Have you ever wished you given a step-by-step series of tips for Twitter marketing? Well here it is. This recorded Webinar has three sections:
1. Twitter Basics – What is Twitter? Why Twitter? How to get started with Twitter? And, a clear explanation of the Twitter lingo you need to know.
2. Twitter Principles (starting at 22 min on video) – Follow these Top 5 Twitter Principles for marketing with Twitter and you won’t go wrong.
3. Twitter Game Plan (starting at 35 min on video) – This 5-step game plan will give you what you need to get rolling effectively with Twitter.


Social Media Marketing Company said...

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erwin said...

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Social Media Marketing Company said...

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