Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Super Bowl Used To Be A Football Game

Via MediaPost 12-13-10

Now, advertisers are turning it into a social media game. Today, rivals Mercedes-Benz and Audi will unveil separate plans to launch high-profile social-media contests that offer hefty prizes to people who best use unconventional social-media tactics to tweet and digitally tout the brands before the Super Bowl.

"Most efforts won't be able to stand out amidst the flood of 'Let's Do a Facebook Contest About the Super Bowl' marketing lemmings," warns social-media consultant Jay Baer.

Even so, "The ones that don't do it will be left behind," says Pam Moore, a social-media consultant. But, she adds, the tweets and Facebook "likes" that Super Bowl marketers all are glomming onto today will seem archaic in just a few years. Read the whole story at USA Today.

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