Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tracking Brands on Twitter to Improve How You Listen and Engage

This is a great post by Brian Solis, PR 2.0. Clearly, Twitter is THE place to be and new tools are coming out to track and help both with listening and eventually ROI.

Recently, I reviewed Twibs, a directory that lists all brands and businesses currently using Twitter.

Electric Artists released a new app that is a real-time listing of the top brands, media, television, entertainment, and celebrities that the team is currently following on Twitter.

While this service offers appeal as a directory for consumers seeking their favorite brands and personalities on Twitter, it's much more promising as a real-time monitor of how businesses, media properties, and celebrities are using Twitter - for better or for worse.

The directory includes notes next to each account, although I'd suggest that it's far more effective to simply click through and view their update history on Twitter to get an idea of how they're interacting with the public and also identify promising patterns. Also open up an additional window and run each account through TwitterFriends to get an overview of how they score according to their tweeting behavior. more here

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