Saturday, February 21, 2009

Social Media News Roundup

Thanks to Mark VanBaale for submitting Social media News Updates!

Does Social Media Make Us Better People?
Mashable - San Francisco,CA,USA
My question: is there a case to be made that social media - the fact that everyone is now a publisher and a distributor of content - might improve our ...
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Social Media: How Important Is It - Raleigh,NC,USA
By Anora McGaha, User Submitted, 11 hours, 8 minutes ago As I prepare listings for an upcoming class on the business value of social media, by internet ...
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10 Ways Social Media Will Change in 2009
Mindanao Examiner - Philippines
Social media today is a pure mess, so says social media expert Ravit Lichtenberg, adding that they have "become a collection of countless features, ...
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Use social media networks to create a 'personal brand' - Des Moines,IA,USA
It's easy to get overwhelmed by social media - until sites actually start to make life easier and create opportunities. Get control of your online presence ...
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