Monday, December 1, 2008

Twitter In Controversial Spotlight Amid Mumbai Attacks

Twitter Involved in Controversial Role in Mumbai CrFrom student Scott on how social media played a part in last week's events in Mumbai, India

“I'd add that Mumbai is likely to be viewed in hindsight as the first instance of the paradigmatic shift in crisis coverage: namely, journalists will henceforth no longer be the first to bring us information. Rather, they will be a conduit for the stream of images and video shot by a mix of amateurs and professionals on scene.”

Citizen Journalists Provided Glimpses of Mumbai Attacks

Mr. Shanbhag, who lives in Boston but happened to be in Mumbai when the attacks began on Wednesday, described the gunfire on his Twitter feed — the “thud, thud, thud” of shotguns and the short bursts of automatic weapons — and uploaded photos to his personal blog.”

Mr Shanbhag’s blog.....with uploaded photos

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How social media shared pain and rage of Mumbai.