Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Digital Family Reunion Video

Possibly Something for the SMM blogThe guest speakers to our class last week invited class participants to the Digital Family Reunion held at the Skirball Center on 12-11. Some folks were able to make it and here's a note from Scott on is experience - plus a video he discovered on YouTube. Scott, thanks for the submission, and thanks for making the points about branding....yes the Playing for Change organization is truly amazing.

Bev, I attended the Digital Family Reunion last Thursday at the Skirball and it was a great get-together of interactive and web industry people. I left early after the panel and speakers and there were 400 people there with more arriving...and the the party was just starting. People had flown in from San Francisco to attend. Great fun.

Back to the Digital Family Reunion blog. On their blog I found this amazing video. The YouTube link is below.... I know it is 5 minutes long but watch it thought to the end. It just gets better and better.... I thought you might want to consider embeding the video in the class blog as (1) an amazing musical production and (2) and an amazing example of branding....I don’t even know what the producers are about, yet I already want to know more....and, or course, (3) a great bit of holiday cheer. Best, Scott Scott Broadley

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