Thursday, December 11, 2008

10 social media trends for 2009

From Roger Harris, TwitterThoughts:

Here are my predictions for 10 social media trends during 2009. Of course, some of these will be wrong. I’ll miss others. But from a general perspective, it’s clear that social media is going to be changing fast. It’ll remain a moving target for marketers, yet an exciting technology for developers and users.

So here are my picks. What are yours?

  1. Twitter will be more fully integrated with mainstream social networks (MySpace, Facebook, etc.)
  2. More Fortune 500 businesses will set up Twitter accounts and C-level blogs
  3. More social networking consolidation tools for one-stop profile and posting management will emerge
  4. Marketers will explore novel approaches to ad strategies on social networks
  5. Advertisers will implement improved tools and metrics to gauge the ROI of social media ad spend
  6. Political campaigns will follow Obama’s model in marketing through social media channels
  7. Multi-media press releases will integrate more fully into social media channels
  8. Advertisers will increase use of viral video as a standard ad strategy
  9. Methods and techniques will evolve to integrate social media experiences into real life
  10. Fortune 500 companies will increasingly adopt internal social media for management efficiency gains


timnolan7 said...

Great ideas it's all part of our country coming together. America will pull together and WE will become even greater. LOVE & PEACE Tim nolan

Cliff Allen said...

These do represent the trends and goals we're seeing in the marketplace.

Some are really challenging for most businesses, such as creating videos that will go viral.

Tracking the ROI across multiple media has always been hard, but becoming easier as marketers drive people to Web landing pages with unique codes or URLs.

I'm seeing an increase in the number of sponsored local events that use social media to attract the desired target audience. Sponsored local events can be more effective and cost efficient to reach influencers and decision makers than expensive national events -- especially with today's travel budgets.