Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Using Transmedia Storytelling for Social Media Success

Ron Nash, The In Academy -
Image credit: Ron Nash, The In Academy - 
In this week's Social Media Examiner podcast by Michael Stelzner (@Mike_Stelzner), "Your LinkedIn Profile: Why You Need to Revisit How You Look on LinkedIn", Ron Nash (@TheInAcademy) mentioned that LinkedIn's new features and format allows you to tell your story with transmedia.

Now you can tell the story of you, your brand, and/or your company across various media using videos, photos, text, etc.

For instance Ron Nash uses all of these very creatively by integrating craftily edited photos (see his profile photo which features "As Seen On" logos and his header photo with his company's branding, videos (for social proof), LinkedIn blog posts he's written (showing his expertise), not to mention lots of other strategically chosen text and bullet points showcasing his many talents and achievements in the various sections of his LinkedIn profile.

So first you need to listen to or read the synopsis of the podcast, so you can find out how you can leverage these strategies for your own, or your company's, LinkedIn profile page.


But as excited as I was about all of the tremendous new features LinkedIn has, I was also reminded of The New York Times' groundbreaking adventure in transmedia storytelling (or transmedia journalism): "Snow Fall- The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek", which tells the story of an avalanche with great realism and clarity across various forms of media: Video, photo, audio, text.

- Seeing (and experiencing) is believing in this genre, so definitely see the Snow Fall page above and scroll down for the full effect.

- And please don't miss the links at the top of the page which continue the story/experience.


Now we're able to "Snow Fall" our own LinkedIn profile to tell a more complete story of ourselves, our abilities, our companies.

So the question is: How can you, your brand, your company, use Transmedia Storytelling to leverage success?

How can you improve your story with a variety of media? How can this enhance the perception of you, your company, your brand, your products? What will you showcase? What will you show? What will you say?

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments? Let me know...

- By Karl Kasca, instructor UCLA Extension (@KarlKasca @UCLAextension)


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