Wednesday, October 15, 2014

KLM Launches Ambitious #HappyToHelp Social Media Marketing Campaign on Twitter

KLM #HappyToHelp Twitter Social Media marketing campaign
Image credit: @KLM:

Our SMMUCLA social media marketing class is talking about Twitter today...and what better way to launch this discussion than with an actual campaign launch by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

The trick part of this campaign is that it's "real time" which is no small endeavor given how many travel questions people may have.
- See the "We expect to reply within 182 min. - Updated every 5 minutes" notice in the image and you can definitely tell that this is real-time!

Even more ambitious and admirable is that @KLM is trying to answer travel questions of all kinds and even provide solutions where possible, e.g.:
"Imagine the impact if you are not flying with KLM but it is KLM that gets you by motorbike to the airport in Hong Kong to board your American Airlines flight home."
Here's the lead-in to a great post by Daniela Walker on this:

Social Media Team Attempts to Respond to Every Single Twitter Travel Query:
"KLM creates a real-time newsroom that houses a team of specialists working round-the-clock to creatively engage tweets. 
Walking through Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam this week, regular passengers will notice a new pavilion. The glass structure houses KLM’s ‘real-time newsroom’ where the airline has put customer service experts on duty 24/7 this week, to answer travel dilemmas and queries from across the globe."
Read more here...
It'll be really interesting to see how this campaign ends up and how @KLM's crack squad of 250 Customer service experts will fare.

In any case, we should know after Friday Oct. 17 because that's when the campaign ends.

What do you think: How do you think @KLM will do?
- Questions or comments on this?  Just let me know...

- By Karl Kasca, instructor UCLA Extension (@KarlKasca)

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