Monday, October 1, 2012

Brand View: New Social Platforms to Watch

Excellent example from  / Digiday of corporate social media programs in the pipeline.  Hat tip Doug!

There’s more to social media than just Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Already, some of the more innovative brands are testing the waters with emerging social media platforms like Socialcam and Fancy.
Digiday reached out to brand social media executives and asked them which emerging social platforms they’ve got their eye on and why.

Joe Barbagallo, manager, social media, Volvo Cars of North America
We’re keeping an eye on Fancy. Much like Pinterest, Fancy is keen on the importance of high-quality imagery and good user experience within the social space. Fancy also has a strong mobile and monetization component that makes it attractive to brands and allows them to step outside their typical purchase funnel and sell products based on self-discovery and user curation. The Fancy user is a different consumer, in a different mindset. Fancy is an example of where social commerce can go in the future.  Read the rest here

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