Tuesday, October 30, 2012

21 Business Blogging Tips From the Pros

EXCELLENT info for SMMUCLA Students who are working on improving their blogs!

social media how toDo you blog for your business?
Are you looking for exciting tips to streamline your blogging experience?
If so, keep reading.
We spoke with 21 top experts to find the hottest business blogging tips you need to know today.
Here they are…

#1: Treat Each of Your Articles as a Product

sme contributor leo widrich
Leo Widrich
Here is a tip that completely changed my blogging game recently. A friend sent me an email, stating that the quality of the posts on our Buffer blog was declining—and yes, she was right!
Since then, the whole team sat down and rethought our blogging strategy from scratch. What we came up with is something very simple, yet extremely powerful: Treat each of your articles as a product.
Since we started to do this, our traffic and our comments are going through the roof, and our overall feeling of happiness is too. Here are some of the points we derived from this:  Read the rest HERE

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