Saturday, May 5, 2012

Four experts opine on enterprise benefits of social media technologies

Business must do a better job of inspiring information professionals in an increasingly social and mobile era. It’s a goal reachable by engaging IT and content managers with a combination of new enterprise social media technologies, a number of speakers and session leaders at AIIM (Association of Information and Image Management) Conference 2012 in San Francisco said.

In this series of video interviews, John Mancini, president of AIIM, speaks about new systems of engagement; New York University Adjunct Professor Clay Shirky, talks about the buildup of commercial and organizational intelligence from his presentation To Make Sense of Data, First Make Sense of People at the conference; Michael Chui, senior fellow at the McKinsey Global Institute, discusses the Rise of the Networked Enterprise and facilitating enterprise adoption of social technologies to enable faster access to expertise, reduced costs and other business benefits; and R. “Ray” Wang, principal analyst and CEO of Constellation Research Group, who presented How Mobile and Location Convergence Will Drive Context in the Future of Apps points out that the “five forces of consumerization” – mobility, social media, cloud services, big data and video – are being pulled together to deliver a connected experience with great efficiencies.

Information management and the mobile social enterprise force change  See the rest here

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