Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Latest ‘Hot’ Facebook Marketing Trend

This is from Jeff Bullas - good blog to follow.  We'll discuss in class when we get to Facebook Marketing.

Conan O’Brien has been an active social media user for well over a year. When he joined Twitter he quickly gathered well over 1.8 million followers (today his follower count is over 3 million) that provided him with a platform to launch the next stage of his career after his highly publicized breakup with NBC.
Since then he and his team have extended their social media marketing beyond Twitter and now have several social media channels that leverages his brand and provides an enduring and continually growing online asset that continues to build.
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kburgin said...

The links to Jeff Bullas and 'read the rest here' are broken...


new proct said...

Technology being changed periodically, but the path for the effective implementation of any marketing effort on the Internet to begin to understand the customers. Marketing functions that were traditionally separated, began to merge. But Facebook is a best place for all marketers.