Wednesday, October 26, 2011

25 Twitter Chats Every Entrepreneur Must Know

IMPORTANT for #SMMUCLA students to check this out! A tweet chat is a great personal branding tool.  It is also a way to establish regular engagement with your community and to continue adding to that community.

FROM Under 30 CEO

If you are an entrepreneur one of the premier tools for personal branding and networking we have available to us is Twitter.  One of the best ways to utilize this tool is through online discussions with other people on Twitter surrounding certain topics or hashtags. These interactive Twitter chats are usually question and answer style, where the host asks a question and the attendees answer/discuss.  It’s also common for the host to bring in an industry leader to interview and field questions for attendees as well.

While many of these chats seem similar each have a different feel to them once you participate.  Just like there are many great places to start a business or great events for entrepreneurs that seem similar, there are lots of different Twitter chats.  Go out and figure out where you fit in, learn something and make some new friends to collaborate with.

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