Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Could you pass a Facebook background check?

 We will discuss in class today!

Employers are running social-media searches on job applicants

By Jennifer Waters, MarketWatch
CHICAGO (MarketWatch) — The next time you apply for a job, don’t be surprised if you have to agree to a social-media background check. Many U.S. companies and recruiters are now looking at your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other accounts and blogs — even YouTube — to paint a clearer picture of who you are.
“Almost all employers do some form of background screening because they have to avoid negligent hiring,” said Max Drucker, chief executive of Social Intelligence, a consumer-reporting agency. “An employer has an obligation to make the best effort to protect their employees and customers when they hire.” Listen to audio: Your Facebook page is part of your resume. 


Mariana Magness said...

Check out this interesting article on the same subject:

kuan said...

Using facebook as background checker is so cool because every one in facebook but sometimes their profile are not complete to protect their privacy.

social media for schools

kev said...

You're so right Kuan, Facebook is the best place to perform a background check because any user has so many opportunities to share information about him. We should keep our profiles as private as we can and let only our friends see the details on our wall.