Sunday, July 31, 2011

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Great blog on Location Based Services we'll discuss in class this week

API highlight: check-ins for the common good

There are lots of amazing things that can happen when you check in… but not many things bring more joy to us than when check-ins serve as a tool for the common good. We’ve been thrilled to see a recent batch of services that encourage giving back to your community, especially when it comes to improving the quality of education.

Two of the top projects at a recent hacking education showcase hosted by utilized the open foursquare API to help potential donors discover classroom projects based on data generated by check-ins.  More here

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Andremartin said...

social media The "terrifying" is comment is dead on. The emotional jobs of why you hire a social a media platform in the first place can be over run by the work (and rewards) to keeping it going.

A great example of this is talking to the boomer crowd about facebook. I know of many people who have hire it, connect with the extended family, but then enabled "extended friends" and then became a slave to it (and in some case did not want to talk to johnny who beat them up in middle school). Fired it. Felt disconnected and re-hired it with new rules. and now love it.