Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Goes Viral? Digital Storytelling

This is from one of my favorite sites - TrendSpotting!  And we're using a slide presentation they put up on Slide Share in the class tonight as well.  All to talk about Video and Photo Sharing.  This is AFTER we hear from the famous CC Chapman!
July 19th, 2010 by Taly Weiss
I happened to be involved in an interesting case study on “Digital Storytelling”.
Guy Kawasaki is preparing the last draft on his new exciting book “Enchantment : The Art of Getting People to Do What You Want”. Last week, I was discussing storytelling with Guy for one of the chapters in his book. 

I suggested him to read a good article I’ve found on the subject, written by Rick Braddy. Guy has tweeted the article in Alltop and renamed it “How to use storytelling for a product intro”. Unsurprisingly, the article went viral in no time.

Rick Braddy has dedicated a post on that. He says that “after several years of investing in my blog, it’s great to see I’ve finally struck a chord and people are excited about incorporating storytelling into their marketing”.
We can learn much on Digital Storytelling from this case study.

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