Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Foursquare Bets Beyond The BCC Set

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by David Berkowitz, Yesterday, 3:30 PM
One of the most important decisions Foursquare's leadership has made was revealed last week. It's one of those decisions that could determine if Foursquare becomes a footnote or a phenomenon. 

The only thing more incredible is that its future now will be determined by how consumers use old-fashioned grocery store loyalty cards.

Before diving deeper, it's important to appreciate where Foursquare stands today. It launched in March 2009 and quickly sought to own the concept of the check-in, popularizing it enough for Facebook to mimic the core functionality. Foursquare stands out as a great app for both the user experience and the ease of participation for local businesses. Foursquare has achieved several notable milestones recently:

·     In October, it celebrated its 200 millionth check-in two and a half months after announcing its one millionth check-in.
·     Foursquare reached 4 million users in October, up from 3 million in August.
·     Foursquare is reportedly adding 20,000 users per day, which adds up to 600,000 per month. 

If it just stays at that pace, it will reach 10 million users around August 2011, and its pace of user sign-ups has been accelerating.
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