Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hot New Career #1 - Social Media Strategist

In tonight's class we'll discuss your experience in creating a BLOG.  How was it?  Fun? Frustrating?  Easy?  Hard?  Some have questions about attributes for photos, links, videos, so we'll discuss that as well.  

Below is an article from Yahoo today that lists Social Media Strategist as the #1 HOT NEW JOB.  So that means you are all in the 'right place at the right time - learning the right skills'!  #SMMUCLA!

6 New Careers That Are Coming of Age

Breakout New Careers
6 Careers That Are Coming of Age
Breakout New Careers

These hot new careers put a fresh spin on the classics.

By Chris Kyle
Every generation has its own music, its own fashion and...its own jobs.  Case in point: These days there is an exciting fresh crop of careers that are coming of age that combine new uses of technology with some tried and true skills.

 Want to get in on the ground floor as these careers grow up?

Check out our list of 6 hot new jobs that are coming of age in 2010, and find out what you need to do to jump into one of these exciting jobs...

Do you love Twitter? Why not get paid to tweet? Seriously! Social media strategists figure out optimal ways to get messages out to the masses using the latest community tools online. This involves blogging, tweeting, and using sites like Foursquare and Facebook to find and communicate with customers.

Average Salaries:
Bloggers: $32,000
PR Writers: $58,740
Social Media Strategists: $61,000


Nancywriter said...

Yes, I'm seeing more of this at my company (Xerox) as well. I missed class last week as I was on a business trip. If anyone has any notes in addition to the class notes that they can easily forward to me via email I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
Nancy Chetron

davelecross said...

Hi Nancy, I'll be glad to share any additional notes I took during the lecture last week. We can discuss it during the break this Wednesday.
Also- the company I work for is ramping up social media efforts in a bug way! it has become priority! i am having a blast working on our social media efforts and strategy!
David LeCross

davelecross said...

I meant BIG way . . not bug way. lol ;)

Nancywriter said...

Thanks, Dave. Looking forward to hearing more about Twitter in class tonight as well as our next topic. I looked for your contact info on the class Google doc but you're not posted there yet!

Anonymous said...

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