Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome Fall 2010 Semester!

Welcome to everyone in the Fall 2010 of Social Media Marketing! We have a full class and registration is closed. We're excited to meet each and every one of you tomorrow night.

The class is fast-paced and lots of fun - just like social media today. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Video, etc. have taken the business world by storm. It's intriguing to some and puzzling to others. But no one can deny it seems to be everywhere.

We'll look at the platforms, the trends, the monitoring and metrics, and study the best practices needed to integrate into a company's business processes.

We invite guest speakers to present to the class- thought leaders in the industry who are running agencies or social media teams and can shed light on how this is playing out in the real world.  And we'll use current events as learning tools.

This is NOT a "how to" class in the sense of how to make a Facebook page.  We expect you have at least some understanding of the toolsets. It IS a class that helps you think strategically about social media as a new communications tool.

We also blog the class so check that out and take the poll at 


The Twitter hashtag is #smmucla

Class starts on time at 6:30pm in room A18 in Haines Hall. Out of courtesy to you we make an effort to be on time and count on you to do the same.

Beverly Macy
@beverlymacy on Twitter

Karl Kasca
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