Monday, June 28, 2010

Sustainable Social Media Class UCLA Extension July 10 and 17

Join me for a great class on using social media in the green space.  Two terrific speakers!
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V7644 Open WestwoodWestwood: 208 Extension Lindbrook Center 7/10/2010 $150 Add to Cart
Under pressure from consumers, shareholders, and government bodies to develop green strategies, organizations are using consumer-driven social networking and media to communicate these strategies. Although adding "green" claims and eco-labels to your marketing may enhance brand image, how can companies who are taking sincere environmental initiatives market themselves credibly? Smart green brands are taking advantage of the new and dynamic consumer-driven social networking environment. Learn how to use social media tools to enhance your brand in an environment that is ideal for emerging products, social causes, and lifestyle brands. This intensive two-day course uses case studies and examples to highlight how companies and brands are taking advantage of these new tools and help you get started. Prerequisite: Familiarity with social media tools and techniques. Elective course in Certificate in Global Sustainability Concentration in Business Strategy.

Westwood: 208 Extension Lindbrook Center
Saturday, 9am-12pm
July 10 - 17

2 meetings total

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Samuel said...

Wow! Course for social media marketing sounds really great. As many newbie’s are unaware of the present scenario in business field. This link is very useful.