Friday, May 28, 2010

Websites Start Cracking Down on Nasty Comments

Interesting development - we've discussed this in class - how to deal with negative comments from the public...Think this is a trend that will catch on?

Editors seek to create less open but more welcoming environment

(Newser) – Should people who comment on blogs and news websites be allowed to say whatever they want? For a growing number of editors, the answer is no. Many sites—realizing that discussion on almost any subject can all too often degenerate into personal attacks—are ditching the anything-goes attitude and trying to cut down on the nastiness that can turn users away from online discussions, NPR reports.
Some sites are choosing to eliminate comment sections altogether and are instead, much like newspapers, publishing only selected letters to the editor. Others say exchanges with readers are far too valuable to do away with and are seeking to clean up their comments sections and create a less hostile environment either by using software or by having an actual human monitor and take part in the discussions.

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