Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jeffrey Hayzlett Moves On To New Horizons

What does this mean for personal and corporate branding?  We'll discuss this week in class.

VIA FORBES BLOG May 14, 2010

Jeffrey W. Hayzlett, CMO of Kodak, is resigning to pursue a new career—in television. The gregarious executive, 49, tells me he has been approached “by a lot of people to do TV” and he is now hashing out the details of a show, which could be on the air by fall, if not sooner.

It is possible that Hayzlett, who  just released a book, The Mirror Test: Is Your Business Really Breathing?, could end up with a show where he dispenses advice to business folks. “This book has taken off so big for us,” he says. “I have lot of offers on the table.”
Hayzlett plans to move to New York City from Rochester, N.Y., where he was worked for Kodak since 2006. There’s no word yet on who will replace him. Hayzlett says Kodak CEO Antonio Perez knew he planned to leave the company this year. He decided recently to accelerate his departure. He plans to leave the company May 28.
Hayzlett says he will keep promoting himself and his projects through social media channels. The former PR executive, who has a home in South Dakota, confides he looks forward to swaggering around Manhattan in his cowboy boots.


tom said...

re: "What happens to Kodak's SMM presence when @jeffreyhayzlett leaves? We'll discuss in class at UCLA this week http://bit.ly/diRi8R #smmucla"

As Jeff mentioned, the team is going strong! We have just added a Chief Listener and full time social media personnel in Europe and Asia. Don't worry we are just a txt, tweet, wall post, comment, or e-mail away ;-) -tom @tomhoehn on Twitter


We'll discuss this topic from a broad point of view. It appears that Kodak has a strong foundation in SMM and will continue building on it's strengths.

For marketing students, we'll want to discuss how corporate and personal brands co-exist and thrive in real-time.