Monday, April 12, 2010

Beverly Macy - UCLA Extension Distinguished Instructor Award

I am deeply honored to announce that I have just received a letter from the Dean of Continuing Education and  UCLA Extension, Cathy Sandeen, that I am a recipient of the 2010 Distinguished Instructor Award.  

Dear Beverly,
It is my distinct pleasure to inform you that you hve been selected to receive a UCLA Extension Distinguished Instructor Award.

Established in 2006, the Distinguished Instructor Award recognizes exemplary teaching, professional knowledge and standing, and outstanding commitment to students.  This award celebrates the best of our Instructors, promotes excellence, and acknowledges your personal role in supporting UCLA Extension's important educational and public service goals.

Only 13 individuals have been selected across our disciplines to receive this award in 2010.  You collectively represent less than 1% of over 2,000 active Extension Instructors.  I personally want to congratulate and thank you for your many contributions.
We will be hosting an award ceremony the evening of May 20 at UCLA De Neve Plaza to honor you.  

Best wishes,
Cathy Sandeen
Continuing Education & UCLA Extension


musikbabe550 said...

Congratulations! You deserve it. I've learned so much in just two weeks in your class!

robertabeaumont said...

Congrats! This is quite the honor - enjoy your success!

RonnieWoods-deohgee said...

felicitaciones - congratulations!
enjoy the kudos and recognition from UCLA, your peers and students. well done!

4siteVideo said...

What a great honor. Congrats and continued success. You've earned it!