Sunday, October 11, 2009

Report Reveals:15 Best Practices of Social Media Implemented by the Top 100 Brands

15 Best Practices of Social Media Implemented by the Top 100 Brands
  1. Deputize people throughout the organization.
  2. Understand how each channel provides a different dimension of engagement
  3. Centralize coordination
  4. Find champions who can explain and mitigate risk.
  5. Be in it for the long haul
  6. Pick channels carefully.
  7. Spread engagement to employees beyond the social media team.
  8. Open the platform to anyone and everyone.Encourage employees to tap into social media to get work done
  9. Engage in new channels where people already are
  10. Support engagement as an extension of the company culture.Be conversational from the start.
  11. Be conversational from the start.
  12. Make social media part of the job, just like email
  13. Modularize and synchronize content across channels
  14. To scale engagement, make social media part of everyone’s job.
  15. Emphasize quality, not just quantity.
What social media channels were examined in the Report?
• Blogs • Branded social network/community • Content distribution to other sites (e.g. Facebook Connect, ShareThis, etc) • Discussion forums • External social network presence (e.g. Facebook, MySpace) • Flickr / Photobucket • Innovation hubs (e.g. centralized customer community to create innovation) • Wikis • Ratings and reviews • Twitter • YouTube
I think what can taken from this report is “Doing it all” (in Social Media) may not be for you — but you must do something”… Start the Journey, even if it is just a Blog.

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