Monday, February 9, 2009

Why Your Retweets FAIL

Rodney Rumford is co-hosting Gravity Summit at UCLA with me on 2-25-09. He is also the author of an amazing new book "Twitter Business Book". In this blog post he discusses why Retweets fail AND offers a FREE white paper. Great stuff and recommended reading:

Why Your Twitter Retweets FAIL! You want your content to spread, your network to grow, your influence to increase and your followers to love your content and share it with their Twitter network. Retweeting behavior on Twitter is a science that is repeatable. I have done extensive analysis into what works, what does not, best practices and assembled this report to help you fully leverage Twitter and the power of the Retweet. Understanding the secrets to attaining the top 1% of Twitter Retweets is crucial knowledge that will allow your content to virally and quickly spread deep and wide via Word of Mouth.

15 Reasons Why Your Retweets Fail on Twitter
This free 8 page Twitter Report will show you…

  • The Top 15 Reasons Your Retweets Fail
  • The 7 Benefits of Retweets Best Practices Mastery
  • Retweet Best Practices
  • Metrics behind Retweet behavior and how to leverage
  • 10 Reasons your content gets Retweeted
  • What makes Retweets spread and work effectively
  • Tools to use to enhance & measure your Retweet
  • Tips to implement today to extend your content so that it reaches a tipping point

Why Your Retweets FAIL Report
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