Thursday, February 19, 2009

Washington DC all A-Twitter

I've been writing and talking about this for months...twitter is like hotmail 10-12 years ago. All of a sudden, everyone's catching on to the best-next-new thing. Love this post today on Politico about how Twitter has hit Wasington D.C. in a big way

TOP TWEET: From Andy Stern’s Twitter feed: “just left White House where group from MoveOn to Chamber of Commerce but mostly progressives had cocktails with Prez and VP.” (hat tip: @BenSmith)

BUZZ — Unless you’re John Dickerson, you’ve been meaning to get on Twitter. Well, today’s the day. George Stephanopoulos tells you the lead of “World News” hours ahead of time. David Gregory reveals Sunday’s guests. It’s possible to gauge EXACTLY when Mike Allen sleeps. Early-adopter Ben Smith (@benpolitico, in Twitterese) proclaimed on his old-fashioned blog yesterday: “Social networking programs tend to tear through communities — high schools, upper levels of media — at exponential rates, and Twitter has now fully arrived in Washington's media scene.”

As @DavidGregory Twittered yesterday (after sending “happy birthday wishes for betsy@mtp”): “Is it me or is Twitter all anyone is talking about this week?” You don’t need any special software or anything — just open your browser to and you’re rockin’. Jonathan Martin is mocking all the prolific late-adopter Twitterers – he says it’s like they found a new fire truck under the Christmas tree. OUR INAUGURAL TWEETS AT END OF PLAYBOOK. We promise not to Twitter any more fortune cookies.

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