Monday, January 26, 2009

The Unforeseen Consequences of the Social Web

We discussed this in class last fall - the fact that you do create a "Digital DNA" that follows you everywhere in the new Web 2.o. Companies and individuals need to be aware of this...

Meltdown on Twitter

Last week, the Applicant blog talked about a hypothetical human resource bot in an attempt to persuade its readers of the importance of being aware of what they post to the Web. It was predominantly written to encourage readers to consider the ramifications of outbursts on the Web as applied to career and employment.

The very next day Twitter user Astrospace suffered an online meltdown which was captured as an image and posted on Applicant, giving their hypothetical post a great big shove into reality. "If I were an employer this certainly wouldn't be my ideal applicant, and at this point their brand is without a positive brand image," the Applicant post says.

While Astrospace may have had good reason for his rant (as most of us do), his outburst has now been captured and will possibly remain online for a very long time.full article here

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