Thursday, January 29, 2009

Twitter a Hot Topic at mb's 'Journalists and Social Media' Panel

From Mediabistro:

The conversation kicked off with PressThink's Jay Rosen (@jayrosen_nyu) citing Marx's definition of revolution in reference to social media: "The means of production have changed hands in publication... It's an open source revolution," he said. Continuing the metaphor, Sklar quipped, "Sometimes revolutions swing a little too far," and the panel concurred, citing mob mentality and a lack of respect for production as some social media trouble spots.

Echoing the question reverberating around conference tables across the country, the evening's big x-factor was how to monetize the social media mechanism to bring in cash. Originally directed at Rosen, the question engendered a delayed response. His silence made people brace themselves for his answer. "Well, this is the question people ask," he joked, to uncomfortable audience laughter. Collectively, the panel agreed that it envisioned more possibilities than disappointments in a new world of news fueled by social media.

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