Saturday, January 3, 2009

Starting at Twitter from Bert Decker

If you want to tell people how to start in Twitter, here's steps I gave to my company:

Starting at Twitter

Twitter is useful and a good ROI on your time if you don’t overdue it. (I do but you don’t have to…, you could spend a half hour a day and get a lot of value for yourself and our business.)

So I encourage it, and here are the beginning steps I’d recommend:

1. Sign up at . Use your real name, or as close as you can get.

2. Begin with a post (affectionately called Tweets), as simple as “I’m starting at Twitter.”

3. Fill out your profile in the upper right. Use a good close-up picture of yourself, and put in a url (ideally your blog, or our company blog or website), and be interesting and somewhat open in your profile. People want to quickly ‘get’ who you are if they are going to follow you.

4. Follow me @BertDecker and I’ll help you get followers, and be glad to help you along.

5. Write another post, and another. You can start with what you are doing but that’s pretty useless (who cares), so maybe reply to a follower, or ReTweet. Move to give value as soon as you can. But get some posts up.

6. Then get followers, and from that most will follow you. There are many ways to get followers, but just start by clicking on the ID’s and follow anybody to start. After you get 10 or 20 you’ll get the gist of it and begin to use the apps like and others.

7. Here are some people to start following for Decker Communications:


8. As soon as you can, get the great application so you can begin grouping your followers (friends or associates is a better name) and really use Twitter for both giving value, gaining value, and expanding your horizons as well as your friendships.

9. For further justification and next steps and good tips, now go to:

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