Saturday, January 17, 2009

Social Media News Roundup

Special Thanks to Mark VanBaale, Direct Marketing Manager, John Deere & Co, for forwarding these news stories on social media:
Social Media, Web 2.0 are challenges for b2b companies
KoMarketing Associates - Waltham,MA,USA
An even higher percentage, about 38 percent, found "social media development/integration" to be the biggest challenge, but at about 14 percent, ...
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Why Social Media Is Worth Small Business Owners' Time
BusinessWeek - USA
(For background on social media, check out this story.) Activity in this universe has thus far been dominated by innovators and early adopters. ...
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A winning resolution: Social media discipline
SmartBrief - Washington,DC,USA
Last month, we asked for your Social Media Resolutions for 2009 -- and you answered. We're running our top 10 picks from your answers. ...
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DHS offers social media to boost preparedness - Falls Church,VA,USA
By Ben Bain The Homeland Security Department said today it will offer a series of social media tools to encourage people to prepare for emergencies. ...
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Social Media Steals the Show in NY Plane Crash
Internet News (subscription) - Fallbrook,CA,USA
But the story broke first across social networking sites and through mobile messages -- giving social media a major coup that its fans are crowing about. ...
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Former Cisco exec new Skytide CEO Silicon Valley / San Jose ... - Charlotte,NC,USA
San Mateo-based Skytide said O'Donnell was most recently president of social media at San Jose-based Cisco Systems Inc.'s (NASDAQ:CSCO) Media Solutions ...
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Social Media No-Nos
Culture Buzz - New York,NY,USA
For those of you not sure of social media protocol, we’re here to save the day. Well, rather than tell you what TO DO with social media, we’ve found a list ...
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Social Media Still Belongs to Youngsters However, other age groups ...
Softpedia - Bucharest,Romania
By Tudor Vieru, Science Editor Although social media sites, such as MySpace and Facebook, are increasingly popular among Internet users of all ages, ...
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