Tuesday, January 6, 2009

FREE Social Media Marketing Strategy Advice for Non-Profit

Every year Y&M Partners LLC selects a pro-bono project. One year we did a healthcare project for a Fortune 500 company on issues of diversity in healthcare delivery; another year we helped a 'green' start up with a business plan; and Managing Partner Beverly Macy continues to offer free coaching and consulting to former UCLA Executive Marketing students as a way of giving back.

2009 - The Year of Going Social
Beverly wrote an article with Troy A. Peterson at the end of 2008 discussing the observation that we are reaching a tipping point in the social media phenomenon as we see businesses taking notice and big brands branching out into Twitter, etc.

Social Media is ideal for non-profits and this year Y&M Partners is pleased to announce it is accepting submissions from non-profit organizations who are interested in implementing Social Media Marketing to further their brand building and drive donations. We will offer up to 20 hours of strategy advice to the non-profit that we determine will benefit most from the value we bring to the table. Email Beverly at bmacy@ympartners.com for more information and submission form.

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